Concerto Negramaro Milano 2024

Negramaro Concert Milan 2024

San Siro Milano 22 Giugno 2024

They return to the San Siro for an evening that promises to be magical

Giuliano Sangiorgi and his bandmates will take the stage at San Siro for an evening that promises to be magical and exciting. The Negramaro will present an engaging show, featuring great hits and tracks from their latest album, for a journey through their extraordinary artistic career spanning over twenty years. The San Siro concert will be an opportunity to revisit the key milestones of Negramaro's musical journey, from "Mentre tutto scorre" to "Nuvole e lenzuola", including timeless hits like "Estate" and "Parlami d'amore". A rich and varied repertoire that has captured the hearts of millions of fans, thanks to the depth of the lyrics and the band's ability to span different genres and sounds.

But the Milan event will also be an opportunity to present to the public the new material that Negramaro are working on. New songs that promise to be intense and engaging, capable of stirring emotions and provoking thought, in the unmistakable style of the band. The powerful and raspy voice of Giuliano Sangiorgi, combined with the energy and mastery of the other members of the group, will create a unique and unrepeatable show. A concert by Negramaro is not just music, but a total experience, made of emotions, poetry, and great visual impact.

The San Siro stadium, with its magical atmosphere and exceptional capacity, is the ideal place to celebrate the music of Negramaro and to give fans an unforgettable evening. A show that will unite different generations of enthusiasts, ready to sing together timeless hits and to be swept away by the evocative power of the new songs. The anticipation for the concert on June 22 is already palpable and Negramaro fans are ready to flood Milan for a night of great music and intense emotions, to live a unique experience together with their beloved band. The Negramaro at San Siro: a must-attend event for all lovers of quality Italian music.

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